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Food Cargo Theft: Prevention and Response (109856 Module 1)

The US is ‘High Risk’ on the Global Food Cargo Theft Risk Scale. Are you prepared to Respond to the Threat and prevent it from Happening in Your Organization?

Food is the number one cargo stolen throughout the world and it is on the rise.  The United States is rated as “High Risk” on a global food cargo theft risk scale.  As food prices go up, food is easily disposed of on the open market where it is later sold at regular retail prices.  Both the FDA and the FBI propose a number of strategies designed to prevent food cargo theft, but the complexity of the problem and the sophistication of the thieves are on an all-time increase.

Stolen food cannot be resold and recall procedures that are initiated generally impact large segments of the food industry on a scale similar to food safety recalls.  In this training by expert speaker Dr. John M. Ryan, you will review the current state of food cargo theft and how you can prepare your company and your personnel to prevent and, if needed, respond to food cargo theft. In this session, you will:

  • Know why companies do not report stolen food cargos
  • Learn what strategies thieves use to steal food cargos
  • Establish a preventive program for your company
  • Know how to report and respond to a food cargo heist
  • Understand what is being done today
  • Get in touch with the primary technology companies
  • Report stolen food cargos properly
  • Understand the benefits that will accrue from a preventive approach
  • Learn about global monitoring and controls
  • Learn how training and security programs can help prevent food cargo thefts

Training Objective:

  • Learn how to plan a food cargo theft preventive system
  • What, where, how and when food cargos are stolen
  • Review the FDA’s preventive approach and its relation to the FSMA
  • Understand the difference between preventing food cargo theft and responding to it
  • Learn what the FBI is doing about it
  • What areas in the world are at risk
  • Why food is the top food cargo theft target
  • Which foreign countries are most dangerous
  • Technologies designed to retrieve stolen food cargos

Who Should Attend

  • Food distribution and warehouse personnel
  • U.S. food processors, distributors, retailers and restaurant chains hiring carriers to move food
  • Managers in any food logistics operations
  • Food cargo insurance companies
  • International food carriers
  • Import and export logistics personnel
  • Risk specialists
  • Drivers
  • Food Security training personnel
  • FSMA Food Safety and Security Planners
  • Personnel responsible for selecting and installing food transportation tracking technology

Training Download and Operating Instructions

All of our training sessions are recorded.  Because of this, they may take several minutes to download.

Once the presentation is downloaded into your computer, open the power point by double clicking on the power point icon.  After opening the power point presentation, click on the first slide so it shows up on your screen.  At the top of your screen you will see the words “Slide Show”.  Click on that tab.

Make sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up.  On the left top side of your screen you will see a power point icon and the words “From Beginning”.  Once you click on that icon, the show will begin automatically.  All slides should progress after the discussion of its contents.  If a slide does not automatically go to the next slice, click once on the down arrow on your keyboard.

You may also repeat any slide by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard.

Happy Training!