Ryan Systems, Inc.

AAA Final Carrier FSMA Training


  1.  Preregistration

Copy and paste this link into your browser:


Read the instructions and click on the “Add to Cart” button

Type in your first name, last name, email address and confirm email and check the information for accuracy.

Click on the “Check Out” button.           

You will see the following message:

“All done

Hello John,

Thank you for registering for the following :

  • New Sound Transportation (LLC) FDA FSMA Carrier Training

An email containing course login details has been sent to JRYAN@SANITARYCOLDCHAIN.COM.”


  1.  Registration to Begin the Course:

Give the system 5 to 10 minutes to deliver your email.  When you receive your registration email, read the information.  At the bottom of the information page, you will see the “Login Details”

“Login Details

Your username is: XXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXX.com

Turn up your speakers or put on your headphone – you need them to hear the lecture.

Click on the link on YOUR EMAIL (Not the one above)

Click on “Start this Course”.  The training will immediately begin.

If you need to pause the training, click on the pause button .  To restart the training, click on the arrow  button.  You may adjust the volume or go to full screen using the appropriate buttons at the bottom of your screen


Warning:  Do not try to fast forward the training or the system will kick you off and training will not be available to you.

When the training is complete, click on the “Print my certificate” button.  Make sure your computer is hooked up to a printer.  Make a copy for yourself and give the certificate to your HR group for filing. 

You are done.