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GLOSTONE Food Carrier Training

GLOSTONE FSMA Mandatory Compliance Training (Drivers and Transportation Operations)

This training site has been established for the exclusive use of GLOSTONE trained drivers and transportation operations personnel. Only those involved in moving perishable food (reefer) from one location to another by truck or rail are required to take this training.

The FDA law on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods requires that drivers and personnel with responsibilities in food transportation operations must be trained in the following areas:

1. Responsibilities of the carrier under the final rules (1 hour)

2. Awareness of potential food safety problems that may occur during food transportation (1 hour)

3. Basic sanitary transportation practices to address those potential problems (1 hour)

Training certificates are required for these topics. Once you finish watching the training materials on any computer, there is a "certificate" button for you to push. The certificate will automatically be delivered to you with your name and the course completion date.

You can complete all training in a morning or afternoon or spread the training over whatever period of time you have to watch each of the 1 hour modules.

Pre-recorded Course Download and Operating Instructions

All of our training sessions are prerecorded. Because of this, they may take several minutes to open on your computer. Turn on your speakers or put on your headphones. Once the training session opens, the training begins.

If you have trouble viewing the slides with your browser, try a different browser.

You may also repeat any slide by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard.

Happy Training!