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FDA FSMA Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Controls

FDA FSMA Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Controls

There is no time like the present to get your company in gear as you march towards FSMA compliance.  Prevention and reduction of food safety risks is the path towards success. For many companies, designing and implementing a great control system is old business, but for many others, there are many new ideas that can get confusing.

Hazards, prevention, risk and control are critical to meeting FSMA requirements.  HARPC training provides the background needed to prepare to meet these new demands.

In This Session:

  • Where does HARPC come from
  • Food Security and Adulteration Issues
  • Who is exempt from HARPC requirements?
  • Prevention vs Corrective Action
  • HARPC Preventive Planning
  • Environmental monitoring (testing for pathogens)
  • Flowchart and diagram your process
  • Identify the Risks
  • Design appropriate controls
  • Are allergens included?
  • Recall planning and test
  • Control your transportation and suppliers
  • Build work instructions and procedures
  • Leave this session armed with the knowledge you need to complete a competent HARPC plan
  • Know the difference between corrective action and prevention
  • You will be able to share and review this plan with all concerned parties
  • Learn how to depend on the inputs from your employees
  • Get sanitation under control
  • Work instructions and training will match your plans
  • Training for your personnel will be simplified
  • A free paper will be supplied to any interested attendee

Who Should Attend

  • All registered food facilities - domestic and foreign suppliers to the U.S.
  • Facility owners and managers
  • Food Growers, packers, processors, distributors
  • Food Safety Personnel
  • Quality Management
  • Internal food safety and quality team members
  • Purchasing and sales personnel
  • Internal and External Food Safety and Quality Auditors
  • Food Processing Operations Managers/Directors 

This session by Dr. John Ryan will teach you how to simply do your planning based on hazards that might impact both your products and your processes.  You will learn to do a simple flow chart and you will learn how to diagram your process to identify hazards and build a risk-based preventive control system (HARPC).  The training will take about 75 minutes and within a couple of hours after that, you will have a HARPC design that will be relatively easy to implement and use.  Your fears and avoidance will be over once you learn how simple HARPC really is.

Prepare for this session ahead by thinking what potential hazards might impact your product and processes.  If you already have a food safety plan or HACCP, you are well on the road towards finishing your HARPC requirements.

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Happy Training!