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Sanitary Food Safety Packaging Concepts

When you sit down to eat lunch or dinner today, like us, most people will check their plate and utensils for cleanliness.  Once food is cleaned, processed and ready for transport, the packaging that carries the food through the supply chain should be sanitized and should protect the food from adulteration. Clean food should be moved in sanitary packaging.  No food industry member should package or transport clean food in uncontrolled dirty packages, trailers or containers.

When not packaged properly, food adulteration and loss of shelf and perhaps human life are likely to occur.  With so many types of packaging available today, how does a food supplier assure that the packaging used to protect the food is sanitized and not the source of adulterants, contamination, illness or even death?   

The production and use of safe and sanitary food packaging requires the same controls as the food itself. However, this concept is often ignored by packaging suppliers or even the companies responsible for merging the food with the packaging.  Packaging that is produced, stored and used under unsanitary conditions is not sanitary.

This presentation will provide insights into sanitary food safety packaging concepts designed to help companies review and upgrade their handling and use of packaging materials.  The legal and operational basis for sanitary food packaging, prevention of cross contamination, facility, HACCP, and personnel requirements.

  • Recommended standards will be provided
  • Links to critical laws and rules are included
  • Illustrations of poor practices will be presented
  • Training options and resources
  • Recommendations for reviewing packaging suppliers
  • Recommendations to other resources
  • How to visually assess your own situation
  • Employee work instruction changes are highlighted
  • Learn zone concepts
  • Maintain sanitized tools
  • Understand robotic packaging equipment
  • Management requirements are reviewed
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