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Recall and Traceability Through Food Processes: Laws and Technology

Recall and Traceability Through Food Processes is a 1.3 hour prerecorded session covering FSMA, FSIS and CGMP requirements.   How to implement an integrated food safety system that includes food safety, traceability and recall capabilities is presented.  The need to provide traceability in the event of recall is presented as are a variety of models for controlling the needs

Technology is key to reducing the time it takes to get a recall under control and some of the latest sensor enabled technology is presented in this session.  Time, location and temperature are all currently available in near real time to track and control food through all food processes.

All of our training sessions are recorded.  Because of this, they may take several minutes to download.  Please be patient.

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Make sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up.  On the left top side of your screen you will see a power point icon and the words “From Beginning”.  Once you click on that icon, the show will begin automatically.  All slides should progress after the discussion of its contents.  If a slide does not automatically go to the next slice, click once on the down arrow on your keyboard.

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