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TransCert External Auditor Certification Training

The TransCert 11-hour training course is designed to prepare external transportation food safety auditors for their roles in auditing and certifying HACCP based standards for food transportation processes. The modules cover container temperature and traceability monitoring, management, training, sanitation, and record keeping standards. Standards, procedures as well as new and evolving technologies are reviewed. Basic policies and procedures are also presented.

Current food safety standards and facility audits do not protect food from adulteration during food transportation processes. With the FDA’s publication of the Traceability Report (March 4, 2013), it is clear that food container tracking, sanitation, temperature control, and record keeping are becoming legal food supply chain issues requiring internal company control.

TransCert (http://www.TransCert.com) specializes in helping companies develop and certify standard food transportation systems. This internal food safety team training is part of TransCert's overall service package that includes GAP analysis, on-site training; development of procedures, work instructions and plans; and external certification against TransCert standards. We also provide a newsletter to keep food transporters up to date on the latest FSMA and FDA requirements.

The training is free to TransCert pre-approved individuals who have received and can supply HACCP training certificates to TransCert.

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