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Carrier Food Safety Problems That May Occur During Transportation

It is estimated that between 5 and 8% of current recall and shipment rejection issues come from the cold chain food transportation sector.  Such rejection rates indicate that the financial losses associated with poorly managed and poorly controlled food transportation creates a huge impact to both the food and carrier industries.  With appropriate training and management designed to upgrade mindsets, practices and operations, the carrier industry has an opportunity to save itself large amounts of money.

This carrier food safety training course focuses on problems that may occur during food transportation processes.  Adulteration during loading, unloading and in-transit operations can be prevented through the use of sound sanitation, temperature monitoring and quality controls.  

The proposed rules on the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Foods recently released by the FDA recommends that carriers, drivers, shippers and receivers attend training focused on food carrier transportation training that helps them to identify, reduce the risks for and prevent adulteration problems.  

This is a two module course.  Each module lasts about 45 minutes and allows trainees to go through the training in a self paced manner on their own time in any location where a computer and Internet connection are available.  The course is one of several developed by the Sanitary Cold Chain's TransCert university in response to the needs of the food supply chain.

The course includes actual data and examples from transportation tracked and measured operations, important definitions and reviews of federal and international requirements, established standards for management, HACCP, sanitation, temperature monitoring and traceability and training, types of adulterants, preventive practices, vehicle qualification, pre-shipment inspection, contamination flows, unseen bacteria, container temperature losses, obvious violations, the most advanced temperature monitoring, pallet types, carrier responsibilities, sanitation testing, and includes specific recommendations for carriers.

Significantly discounted pricing is available for carriers with large numbers of trainees.  Please contact:

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All of our training sessions are recorded.  Because of this, they may take several minutes to download.  Please be patient.

Once the presentation is downloaded into your computer, open the power point by double clicking on the power point icon.  After opening the power point presentation, click on the first slide so it shows up on your screen.  At the top of your screen you will see the words “Slide Show”.  Click on that tab.

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